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Conversations With Crips

Welcome to Conversations with Crips: a podcast about the intersection of disability and identity, social change, and the peculiarities of life.

I started this podcast because even though I'm a disabled person, I don’t feel much of a part of the disability community. I figured that if I wanted to explore that side of my identity, I should start by having conversations with other disabled people who are doing cool stuff. So I did. And I recorded them.

Nov 26, 2017

EPISODE 5 | Amy Hogan has been a lifelong friend, so this conversation was more personal than most. We discuss our childhood, talking to your parents about disability, Amy’s political awakening, her research on cerebral palsy, and why there aren’t more disabled people running our own organisations. I've split this conversation into two parts, which means that you enjoy this episode, you’ll probably like the next one, and if you don’t, you know you can skip next week!

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