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Conversations With Crips

Welcome to Conversations with Crips: a podcast by disabled people for disabled people. We explore what it means to be disabled in today's world, and all the hilarity and absurdity it can bring.

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Oct 27, 2017

EPISODE 1 | Erin Gough is a lawyer, Wellington-dweller, and all-round terrific human. She works for the Human Rights Commission, and has been a strong disability advocate in the mainstream media, particularly around accessible housing and wheelchair access to bars - both very important issues! We talk about language, how we might build a more cohesive community, and what the Human Rights Commission actually does. Enjoy.


Welcome to Conversations with Crips: a podcast about the intersection of disability and identity, social change, and the peculiarities of life.

I started this podcast because even though I’m a disabled person, I don’t feel much of a part of the disability community. So I figured that if I wanted to begin exploring that side of my identity, I should probably start by having conversations with other disabled people who are doing cool stuff. So I did. And I put them on the internet in the hope that someone else might enjoy them, too.

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